Practice Areas

In-Depth knowledge of the most current laws makes us a powerful advocate for our clients.

Aviation Legal Group, P.A. understands the specialized legal needs of the aviation industry. Our lawyers are passionate about business aviation.

We offer decades of combined legal experience to the aviation community.

Aircraft Transactions

Aviation Legal Group transactional attorneys negotiate and complete the sale, purchase, financing, lease, and lease return of aircraft.

Aircraft Financing and Loan Securitization

Aviation Legal Group has experience with both domestic and international financing and loan securitization issues.

Aircraft Registration

Generally, an FAA registered, internationally-operated aircraft may not be legally registered in the name of a corporation that does not qualify as a citizen of the USA.

Aircraft Sales and Use Tax

Depending on where your aircraft is delivered and/or based, you could be liable to pay sales and/or use tax.

Aviation Litigation

Aviation Legal Group civil and commercial litigation teams are at home in federal and state courtrooms.