As you may be aware, on January 19, 2022, 5G networks from AT&T and Verizon went live on a wide-spread basis. 5G networks have the capability to disrupt normal operation of radar altimeters. Therefore, pilots and operators alike should carefully review relevantnotices to air missions (NOTAMs) issued by the FAA, which may affect instrument approach procedures to nearly one hundred (100) airports.These NOTAMs impose operational restrictions in areas where radar altimeters may become unreliable following 5G network activation. We encourage operators and pilots to review the new NOTAMs at A list of 50 airports protected from 5G signals for six (6) months can be viewed here: Additionally, a list of commercial airports with low-visibility approaches in 5G deployment areas can be found here: For the latest news on the 5G rollout and how it may impact your operations, please visit

Operators and pilots who experience radio altimeter anomalies should notify air traffic control as soon as practical. Post flight, pilots are encouraged to submit detailed reports of radio altimeter disruptions or interference events using the Radio Altimeter Anomaly Reporting Form available on the FAA website at For more information or clarification on this topic, please contact our office and ask to speak with one of our qualified attorneys (954-763-5565).